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Carpentry Works has been in business since 1907, the day after Giuseppe Francati arrived at Ellis Island. A few years later he took on a partner, Jedadia Blasingame, recently arrived from England. Both men spent their lives building the estates and hunting lodges for the wealthiest americans of the time. Throughout the years these two partners, Giuseppe and Jedadia, created many beautiful masterpieces. Many of these glorious mansions can still be seen today. After they passed away, their sons, Enzo Francati and Ezekiel Blasingame, took over the business, using all the old world craftsmanship they had learned from their fathers. Enzo and Ezekiel worked on homes in Chicago and New York, mostly for the mob bosses of the period.

Enzo Francati and Ezekiel Blasingame themselves had two sons, Enzo Jr. and Zeke. After Enzo passed away from lead poisoning, and Ezekiel was crushed by a falling piano, the two sons took over the family business and moved it to a new town on the west coast: Hollywood. For years these two built the grand estates and homes for the Hollywood elite. Producers, actors, actresses, agents and key grips all lined up to have the team of Francati and Blasingame build their custom home. Then the big one, WWII came along. Enzo Jr. and Zeke Went overseas and served their county in the engineer corps, leaving behind their two sons, Giuseppe (after his Grandfather) and Josiah. These two, still in their teens, stayed behind and carried on the family tradition of old world craftsmanship. Later these two would build the homes for all our boys returning home.

Eventually Guiseppe and Josiah were put in a home, mostly to keep them from wandering around lost. Today their two sons, Rich Francati and Jay Blasingame proudly carry on the traditions of their great, great grandfathers by bringing Old World Craftsmanship and New Technology to the finest of Atlanta's intown neighborhoods. We would love to work on your home. Honest.